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Safety Talks

The original safety talks that have been used for over 15 years.


Personal Safety

An app to help get you home safe while on the road - COMING SOON.



We are rebuilding our original applications on new technology.


Safety App Coming Soon

Our previous safety application SMATS-Pro is being completely re-built.  Our developers are working very hard to make sure it meets the highest standard of quality and technology.

We are a small passionate team.

SMARTsafe is a brand of the PA Services Group, we have been delivering safety and training tools for over 20 years. Our Safety Talks were first developed when we were called Training National and those talks, although updated are still the highest quality on the market and have been purchased by educational institutions, manufacturing companies, mining companies, to small boat building businesses.

SMARTsafe is part of the PA Services Group to ensure future enhancement of our products utilising the subject matter experts now available to us for the development of our range of products.

The SMARTsafe software applications are being redeveloped to suit modern web and mobile technology.  In partnership with Zerite we are building our applications for all small to medium sizes businesses.

Discover our Safety Talks

All our talks are ready for you to edit and own.

Based on Aust/NZ and ISO Standards!

All our talks are written to standard to allow for use in any state or country. They are build in Microsoft so you can edit and brand them to suit your business or industry.

Yours to Own

Once you buy it, it's your to edit.  Add your own images and brands and you are ready to go.

Where to Buy

All our Safety Talks can be purchased from the Document Store ready to download. STORE

Best Selling

Our Driver Fatigue Talk is one of our best sellers, along with a training package

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Our Workplace Bullying training package is a trending topic and cover all you require.

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New Topic

Code of Conduct training covers a range of acceptable behaviours from emails to workspaces.

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Safety Talk Topics

We have grouped our Safety Talks into topics. Expand the list below to see all the talks.

  • Excavation Work
  • Make your Signs Effective
  • Safety Signs
  • Temporary Barricading
  • Working in Confined Space
  • Mobile Cranes
  • Overhead Travel cranes
  • Planning a Lift
  • Working with Slings
  • Controlling Bleeding
  • Emergency Control and Response
  • Fire Equipment AU
  • Alkaline Substances
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Hazardous Substances
  • Safety Data Sheets [SDS]
  • Storing Hazardous Chemicals
  • Working with Acids
  • Fire Risk in the Office AU
  • Hazards in the Office
  • Making your Work Area Safe
  • Manual Handling in the Office
  • Slip and Trips in the Office
  • Storage and Stacking in the Office
  • Asbestos
  • Back Injury
  • Diet and Fitness
  • Driver Fatigue
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Eye Damage Prevention
  • Fitness for Work
  • Fitness for Work - Management
  • Heat Stress
  • Light Vehicle Safety
  • Skin Cancer
  • Snake Bites
  • Spiders, Bee, Wasps and Mosquitos
  • Occupational Overuse Syndrome
  • Occupational Skin Disease
  • Tobacco Smoke Exposure
  • Work Fatigue

  • Eye Protection
  • Noise and Hearing Protection
  • Air Purifying Respirators
  • Angle Grinders
  • Compressed Air safety
  • Hand Tools
  • Pneumatic Tools
  • Portable Electrical Equipment
  • Duty of Care
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Incident Reporting
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Safety and Health Objectives
  • Housekeeping - General
  • Manual Handling
  • Manual Handling Lifting
  • Motorised Handling Equipment
  • Storing Flammables
  • Compressed Gas Cylinders
  • Oxy Cutting Equipment
  • Welding – Electric Rod
  • Fall Arresters
  • Portable Ladders
  • Working at Heights
  • Metal Machining
  • Tool Safety
To see the whole range of safety talk go to the Document Store.

Meet The Team

Highly experienced in all areas of business and in a variety of industries.

Writer and Sales

Highly accomplished Safety, Training, Contractor & Risk management consultant with extensive experience in working with operational personnel to ensure implementation and change management of health and safety management and training systems including custom training packages.

Writer and Director

I am professional consultant and business manager with extensive experience in the mining and manufacturing industries. I have held line management and consulting roles in Occupational Health and Safety, Change Management and Business Performance Improvement and Operations and Maintenance..

Senior Writer

From Africa to Antarctica, Chris has done it all. With his vast array of skills and formal training Chris is a key developer of our documentation. With extensive experience in mining and OEM technical and logistical support, line management, planning, procurement, contract and project management.

Making Safety Simple and Affordable

If we don't have what you need online, contact us.

Get home safe with SMARTsafe.

SMARTsafe is in the final stages of developing a get home safe app for personal use free of charge to anyone.

Start your journey - click to go

When you start your trip click go - the app will be used to notify people if you don't make it home.

You select the contacts

Select the primary contact for your trip, if something goes wrong a text can be sent to the contact.

Panic Button

Travel with your phone in hand and if needed, click the panic button and a loud alarm will sound.

Screenshots From SMARTsafe Home Safe App

We have been developing this app for over 12 months due to adding more features.

Your safety at home and at work!

SMARTsafe cares for your safety regardless of where you are.

 Our Store

Alliance Partner Products

Zerite has developed two amazing applications for contractor and learning management at an affordable price.

Contractor Management

In Partnership with Zerite

Contractor Management is a critical part of operating a business.  We have built an application that can help you manage all your contractor data and documents in one place. Affordable and easy to use.

Learning Management


In partnership with Zerite your can deliver your Safety Talks online as well.  Simply turn your talk into a PDF and upload in the Learning Management System - we do not charge per trainee, one off monthly fee.

Check out the Applications - More application are coming once we have re-develop the SMARTsafe safety application

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